New England Emergency Medical Training doesn’t just host AHA ECC Courses, we also offer other types of training courses and services. Check out the list below for more specific information about our other course offerings and services.

Off-Site/Client Training

Do you or your coworkers want to prepare for everyday emergencies together? Are you part of a team that requires a CPR certification? Call us today to talk about scheduling an on-site CPR training for your business, organization, or community! We will work with you to determine which CPR discipline training best suits your needs! Curious about pricing? Check out our price page to see how more participants save you more money!

Blended Style Learning Skills Checks

Don’t have time to make it to a full training course? Take the AHA Online E-Learning Course for your desired discipline and come to us for your skills check! This blended style, AHA approved, CPR training is great for anyone who doesn’t have time for an instructor lead class or needs to get certified before our next scheduled class! Call us directly for availability.

One On One CPR

NEEMT offers one on one CPR courses for anyone not interested in a group class. This personalized learning environment gives our students the opportunity to learn both the knowledge and skills of CPR with the undivided attention of our instructors. This type of training is scheduled on an as-needed basis so if this sounds like the training you need, call us today to set up your one on one course.

CPR Equipment Purchasing and Rentals

With AHA constantly researching and updating the ECC guidelines it’s important you have the latest equipment and tools necessary to continue providing high-quality training courses. NEEMT is your one-stop shop and we offer equipment, materials, and resources you can purchase or rent depending on your needs! Face shields? Manikins? AEDs? Manuals? Books? DVDs? Replacement lungs? Epinephrine trainers? You name it, we got it! Call today for more information about equipment/material purchases and rentals.

Instructor Transfers

If your training site or center is closing and you need to relocate, or you’re just looking to change things up, call us! We successfully oversee 300+ instructors while still efficiently providing administrative and hands-on support! We’d love to hear from you and fast track your transfer so you can continue training stress-free! Call us at 401-473-0175!