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At Learn Train Save, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to learn CPR, First Aid, and other life-saving skills. Our training courses are readily available, competitively priced, and are taught in a professional, safe atmosphere. Our training classrooms feature cutting-edge equipment and materials to ensure that our students have access to the latest technologies available.

Our AHA ECC Courses:

CPR Instructor Course

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to train others for everyday emergencies in our CPR Instructor courses! Run your own courses, teach your family and friends, or even offer training for your local community. Our CPR Instructor courses will prepare you for a career as a CPR Instructor and help open the door to other opportunities. This 3 part certification requires learners to complete a brief virtual training, an in-class instructional session, and a final monitoring. Check out our different instructor packages below to see which option works best for you and your needs!
Heartsaver CPR Instructor Packages
Package 1 includes: HS Manual, Online Course Code, Instructor Lead Training, Monitoring, and Instructor Card ($375) 
Package 2 includes: Instructor Lead Training, Monitoring, and Instructor Card ($275) 
BLS CPR Instructor Packages
Package 1 includes: BLS Manual, Online Course Code, Instructor Lead Training, Monitoring, and Instructor Card ($350)
Package 2 includes: Instructor Lead Training, Monitoring, Instructor Card ($250)  


Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training confidently trains students to recognize, diagnose, and administer care to adult patients experiencing acute dysrhythmia, cardiopulmonary arrest, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes. If you already have your BLS CPR provider card but still have the urge to be more prepared for everyday emergencies, our ACLS course is for you! Take your skills, passion for helping, and emergency preparedness to the next level and call us today for more information!
ACLS Provider Certification ($250)
ACLS Provider Refresher ($150)
ACLS Instructor Training ($275 w/out book) ($350 w/book)

Heartsaver CPR

The Heartsaver CPR course is designed to successful teach non-healthcare individuals the proper techniques to confidently respond during a cardiac emergency. This classroom, video-based, instructor-led training is a one day course that allows students to practice their skills before completing their required AHA skill check. If you’re looking to learn CPR for adults, children, and infants, AED administration, choking prevention and response this is the course for you. Reach out today to ask any questions and save your seat for our next training!
Heartsaver CPR AED ($75)
Heartsaver CPR AED Skills Check ($50)
Heartsaver CPR AED  One on One Training ($120)
Heartsaver CPR AED FA ($75)
Heartsaver CPR AED FA Skills Check ($50)
Heartsaver CPR AED FA One on One Training ($120)

First Aid

Our first aid training courses provide you with the necessary finesse to assist adults and children during everyday emergencies before professional help arrives. Students not only learn proper scene safety but also how to offer specialized expertise based on the injury at hand. If someone is stung by a bee or is having another type of allergic reaction you’ll be able to offer aid. If someone broke their leg on a hike or fell and started bleeding you’ll be able to offer aid. If someone is having a seizure, experiencing a stroke, heart attack, or even dealing with an animal bite, you’ll be able to offer aid. If this sounds like the course for you, call us now to enroll in our next one day AHA First Aid certification course.
Heartsaver First Aid ($75)
Heartsaver FA Skills Check ($50)
Heartsaver FA One on One Training ($120)


Our BLS CPR provider course is intended to prepare healthcare professionals. In this course, you will gain the ability to recognize several cardiac life-threatening emergencies, distinguish the difference between cardiac emergency, provide CPR, administer an AED, and offer treatment interventions in a safe, timely, and effective manner.
BLS CPR ($75)
BLS Skills Check ($50)
BLS CPR One on One Training ($120)


Through our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course, we train our students to recognize, diagnose, and administer execute proper care to children experiencing cardio-respiratory arrest. You will complete the course with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures, skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to assist pediatric patients.
PALS Provider Certification ($255)
PALS Provider Refresher ($150)
PALS Instructor Training ($275 w/out book) ($350 w/book)

Learn How to Save a Life

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